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Add ownership to your value proposition

Shape and reinforce community behaviours, by rewarding loyal customers with what they want - a stake in what they love, special access or status in your app.

"We want to attract the best trainers to use our fitness platform based on sessions completed. Ownco makes it super engaging and really simplified legal and admin for us!"

Michael Fishman

Co-founder of Maverick


Engaging loyal trainers in platform success

Maverick is a fitness platform with a focus on being the best place for trainers - and wants to attract the very best trainers.

To stand out, Maverick offers the best facilities, support, economics - and also offer shared ownership.

For every session that is completed, the top trainers earn Maverick tokens which represent equity (RSUs).

There is a cut off - meaning only high usage trainers earn ownership - and there is a cliff - meaning trainers must stay engaged for at least 2 years in order to not lose their tokens.

Session completion is tracked automatically, and tokens sent programatically to trainers' email accounts.

How to

1. Set your goal

Which behaviors do you want to reward?

Consider the core usage behaviors which result in a healthy and sustainable business and community.

We recommend focusing on one goal to start with. It might already be your north star metric.

Start simple, build conviction and you can add more as you go.

How to

2. Create contributions

Which actions help you reach the goal?

Sustained use and high frequency use are the most common loyalty signs.

We recommend considering a 12-24 month timeframe for lasting usage, though you may want to pilot on a small scale this first.

How to

3. Communicate benefits

What is the value of your token?

Tokens could be used for:

  • Redeem - cash outs, in-app credits or revenue share
  • Use - gate access to services or discounts inside your app
  • Vote - gain community voice on decisions

You can put real value behind tokens, through liquidity events, regular buybacks, or revenue share.

This can be defined up front, or left open until later.


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