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For when you are launching or expanding - ownership tokens give a reason for a powerful supply side to join your platform, until the demand arrives.

"I floated this with coworkings we knew. Already one coworking with 300 space signed up before day 1, so were 30% of the way there even before launch!”

Christoph Fahle

Founder and CEO of One Coworking


Rapidly adding coverage to coworking space network

OneCoworking is a coworking space marketplace, that wants to increase coverage of the network of spaces.

In order to reach the next funding stage, they want to show that 1,000 spaces will signup in the next 3 months.

Referrals, activated referrals, and signups are all rewarded. Anyone can make a referral, and will receive more tokens when the coworking starts accepting guests through OneCoworking.

In future, ownership tokens may be used as a currency inside OneCoworking, for special access or discounts.

How to

1. Set your goal

What do you want to grow?

Consider what will help you reach the next phase of your business. E.g. In marketplaces, it is often the supply-side to start.

We recommend focusing on one goal to start with. Start simple, build conviction and you can add more as you go.

How to

2. Create contributions

Which actions help you reach the goal?

Referrals, activated referrals, and signups are the most common actions related to growth.

We recommend a 3 month time frame for a first 'season'. To set your target completions, consider what would be 'worth' sharing 0.5-1% for.

How to

3. Communicate benefits

What is the value of your token?

Tokens could be used for:

  • Redeem - cash outs, in-app credits or revenue share
  • Use - gate access to services or discounts inside your app
  • Vote - gain community voice on decisions

You can put real value behind tokens, through liquidity events, regular buybacks, or revenue share.

This can be defined up front, or left open until later.


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