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"Our guides are the human secret ingredient that make City as a School an incredible experience - we want to keep driving that effect forwards"

Serj Hunt

Co-founder of City as a School


Rewarding the guides that make the community tick

City as a School is a learning ecosystem owned by the mentors, teachers, families and students.

The key to a healthy community to begin with is the role of 'Guides' - super-connectors with high trust networks. Guides mentor learners, onboard teachers, and start new locations.

Quality contributions from Guides can be identified as when learners are placed successfully, and when new teachers they onboarded begin monetise.

By attracting and engaging the best Guides, City as a School have an edge to building a strong community that is the heart of learning ecosystem.

How to

1. Set your goal

Who are the contributors that set you apart?

We recommend thinking about the top talented or influential contributors that will help your platform be a success.

Start simple, build conviction and you can add more as you go.

How to

2. Create contributions

How will you know quality was created?

Quality metrics from your demand side, like customer completions, purchases or ratings are common success signs. E.g. Teachers are assessed on feedback from students.

You may also consider that top contributors may be influencers that can bring their audience to your platform. E.g. Teachers may bring their existing students onto your platform.

We recommend considering a 3-6 month timeframe to test this out (e.g. as you launch), and calibrate for future versions.

How to

3. Communicate benefits

What is the value of your token?

Tokens could be used for:

  • Redeem - cash outs, in-app credits or revenue share
  • Use - gate access to services or discounts inside your app
  • Vote - gain community voice on decisions

You can put real value behind tokens, through liquidity events, regular buybacks, or revenue share.

This can be defined up front, or left open until later.


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