Requiem for solidarity - the vision behind Rekursive


January 17, 2023

Our current economic and governance systems won't get us to a future that works for all of us and the planet at the same time. We need radical change. A fresh start. A better way to organise and govern as people and companies.

The levels of wealth and governance inequality we currently have inside our nation states and on a global scale between the south and north are getting worse every year. And we’re still on a worsening trajectory.

The platform era of the last 10 years will be superseded by an era of increasingly sophisticated AIs and alogrithmic governance. Where platform and gig work have ushered in unforeseen inequality and exploitation the next 10 years of technological advancement will just make things worse. That is unless we redefine how we organise as companies.

We have to fundamentally rethink how we distribute access to technology, wealth and influence. We need a new social contract. A new economic system. In a world where companies are of the size and influence of nation states we might just need new companies that can double as equitable nation states. Companies that serve members, markets and planet at the same time. 

At Rekursive we're all Systems Thinkers. From Systems Thinking - a multi-disciplinary complexity science - we know that in order to change a complex system you must change its basic building block. So in order to change the world economy and our global governance systems to be more equitable we need to change the basic building block our world is made up of. We need to the change the construct of the company. If we change this basic template that is in use around the world from Nike to your local coffee shop then we can literally change everything. It is not a stretch to imagine that a new better company template that distributes wealth and power based on contribution to value will be just as revolutionary and impactful as our current company template - which centralises wealth and power in the hands of the few. Same tool - different outcome. 

And it doesn’t end there. If we change the template that groups use to organise as companies we can then change how these new types of companies organise not under nation states but as independent global networks with their own social contracts for their members. It is a simple but powerful idea. The big platforms of today already offer “shared services”. Mutualising risk and sharing upside is an idea as old as insurance and cooperatives. We think that we can and indeed have to abandon dichotomies like “you can either have impact or scale”. The very concepts non-profits, NGOs, VC funded startups or cooperatives have to be rethought and barriers broken down between them. Not a single one of the established models is useful in its current form in serving people and planet.

We’re building a movement that wants to rethink ownership outside of the existing labels, ideas and methods. Building this movement starts with pragmatism. Picking people up where they are today. Not with lofty ideas but with tools that make their lives better. That’s Ownco. A simple but powerful solution to share ownership with contributors based on the value they’ve provided. With Ownco any company can raise the proportion of people who are coowners. Its the most democratic and accessible way for anyone to earn ownership and influence. Unlike crowdfunding and coops you don’t have to buy membership. You earn it. We hope that from this we can expand Ownco to become the first global network organisation of many many member organisations. That's Rekursive.

We hope that we will scale to a size that allows all of us to pool resources to develop services for members and markets simultaneously. We hope to bring back what is innately human to all of us regardless of who we are and where we’re from or going. Solidarity. Join us.

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