Ownership economy tooling landscape in 2023


January 25, 2023

Update 15th February 2023: version 2 of the landscape is now live, with more than 100 tools recommended by the Ownco & friends community. A huge thank you for all your recommendations so far, which you can still keep adding (see article).

To celebrate Ownco’s public launch this month, we’ve prepared a tooling landscape for founders of platforms and marketplaces that want to be co-owned with their communities.

The ownership economy is riding high after 2022. Whether it was web3, Zebras Unite, or platform coops, numerous movements swelled in dissatisfaction at the extractive platform incumbents like Twitter, Airbnb and Uber.

The zeigeist is strong, but for founders, knowing how to start is not easy. There is much to navigate, and founders setting up shared ownership organizations often ask us for recommendations around tools, legal, culture and more.

As a result of working with 70 platforms to set up their shared ownership models in 2022, Ownco is initiating a landscape of practical options and tools. This curation comes from founders telling us what they love to use.

Special credit to the collaborative economy experts who reviewed and added to this list: Francesca Pick from GreaterThan, Michel Bauwnens from P2P Foundation, Simone Cicero from Boundaryless, Antti Virolainen from Sharetribe, Esme Verity from Considered Capital.

If you want to add more, please comment in the thread on LinkedIn or Twitter, and we will share the updated version.

Ownership Economy Tooling Landscape curated by Ownco and friends.

This initial curation is opinionated - we haven’t tried to be comprehensive, and have picked what founders we met sharing ownership have said they love. It only includes companies with usable products, no vaporware or ‘coming soon’s. 

We hope the landscape is useful for you to find your tools - but it’s not complete! So we’d love to hear from you in LinkedIn and Twitter, and we’ll regularly update:

  • What are your favourite tools that are missing? 
  • Which are your favourite combos? What’s your stack? 
  • Which tools are you looking for that you haven’t found yet?

Want to add to the conversation? See you in the LinkedIn thread and Twitter thread!

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