Our current economic and governance systems won't get us to a future that works for all of us and the planet at the same time. We need radical change. A fresh start. A better way to organise and govern as people and companies. We need to reduce income and influence inequality.

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From one Node to Many

Rekursive GmbH is a company based in Berlin. We’ve setup the entire company and our IP and ownership so it can grow into a network organisation over time. This means that today things are centrally owned. Our IP and resources are centrally owned because they are funded by the core team. That’s only fair but not the end goal. In the long run our legal entity should only be a small, tiny part of the entire global network of companies. As we grow our network by adding more and more companies so will our influence and importance over the networks direction.

Towards a network organisation

We're building the worlds first user owned network organisation. What you see here today is what the core team has built. Ownco is the first product. In future we want more and more Nodes incubated and launched by the community. Each new member organisation is a co-owner in all other member organisations. Together we all invest into a shared pool so we can mutualise risk, share upside, help one another and give back to our members with shared services. Each single Node will be less important for survival of the network as a whole.

Each Ownco customer can choose to become part of the network by paying a membership fee to the Rekursive network which is owned and governed by its members. This membership fee is payable in your company's native token that you created on Ownco. That way anyone can become a member - even young startups without the cashflow needed.

Members govern our network, its treasury and its services. The more you contribute the more governance influence you have.


Built to be Resilient

Another note on legal longevity. Even if we cease to exist nothing breaks. All crucial code is written open source and all your tokens are legally bridged into the existing legal and financial system with all records being stored on IPFS forever. There’s no need to trust us. What we’ve built can simply be forked, records are stored in a decentralised system.


Sascha Kellert

Org Design


Equity & CX

Harry Wilson


Julija Kregere


Tamas Varkonyi

People operations

Makenna Smutz

Tech lead

David Scharf


Arjun Umesha


Enzo Yu Deng