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What's Ownco?

Retain the best talent with long-term loyalty rewards like bonuses and dividends.

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What's Ownco?

Do it all hassle free by automating away your invoices, contracts and payouts.

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What's Ownco useful for?

Frictionless Shared Ownership.
Long Term Aligned.

Provide the best freelancing experience ever.
Attract top talent and align incentives to get consistently amazing results.

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How does it work?

Build ownership into
your platform

Set up contributions and rewards as part of your existing experience.



Community member adds value - signups, referrals, usage, creation.



Contributors receive ownership tokens direct to their email.



Contributors learn more about actions they can do to boost growth.



Recognition creates virtuous cycle, and contributors keep contributing.


Community ❤️

We're here to make community growth and ownership easier.

Here's what it feels like.

We're launching a platform from scratch, but know that the first 30 contributors will help get it going. We love Ownco as a way to fairly reward and motivate them!"

Sinem Erdemli

Co-founder of Random Animal

We are community based and we will grow from community. We were looking how to make an REI style model, and Ownco had it all out of the box."

Kit Li-Perry

Co-founder of AG_Trois,
all-gender fashion marketplace

We want to engage fans around the world, so I've spent the last 18 moths reading into DAOs, every forum, every discord. Then I found Ownco...I can't believe how easy it is"

Dan Wood

CEO of World Freestyle Football Assoication

We want to attract the best trainers to use our fitness platform based on sessions completed. Ownco makes it super engaging and really simplified legal and admin for us!"

Michael Fishman

Co-founder of Maverick

This is such an innovative way to create holistic community growth and community ownership! Ownco will be a game-changer for a lot of startups! I am excited to be a part of this!"

Rizala Carrington

Founder of

I was really inspired with DAOs, but I thought my vision was 2 years away from being real world usable. Then I realised I can do it today with Ownco!

Christoph Fahle

Founder of One Coworking


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Frequently asked questions


Why do ownership tokens fuel growth?


Tokens are easier to distribute than other forms of ownership. Setting up ESOPs, revenue shares, or royalty licences is complex. Tokens let you easily share what you want, when you want, how much you want, with much more granular control. Tokens let you take offline ownership, and make it programmable, like the rest of the internet.

Tokens are also preferable for contributors because they are more liquid. Contributors can more easily know the real value of what they’ve been given, use them as part of your app, and cash in on them more easily.


How's it different to employee stock options and bonuses?


Legally, given that they are built on the RSU and VSOP, they share a legal framework with modern equity sharing approaches. Technically, Ownco tokens can be thought of as a more versatile version of employee stock options. We see Ownco tokens as an improved version of ESOPs but for platforms with contributors, rather than traditional employees.

Ownco is designed for contributors, not traditional employees. Ownco tokens are distributed according to impactful actions (as defined by you), rather than time spent (as with employee stock option plans, for example).

Contributors don’t know what ESOPs are worth, and therefore miss the motivating effect. With Ownco, they can have visibility into current and future potential value of their tokens.


How's it different to a Co-op?


Co-ops are specific and defined way of sharing ownership and governance. Co-ops could use Ownco tokens as a more versatile way to distribute ownership, but not all Ownco implementations would look like a co-op. Moreover, co-ops include governance where each member has one vote over decisions.

The Ownco model is focused on sharing assets based on contribution, rather than on governance.


How's it different to a DAO?


You can think of Ownco as like a DAO, but more practical for “real world”/non-crypto native companies. Ultimately, Ownco is based on the DAO model, but with the differences that it is:

1) Legally robust - Ownco works with your existing legal incorporation, rather than DAO setups which are not yet proven under legal case law.

2) Possible to share just one part of your business - you can turn just a part of your business into a shared pool (e.g. a percentage of the overall company, or just one product) - instead of having to go ‘all in’ as a DAO.

3) Simpler for non-crypto native community - to be in a DAO, your community would each need a crypto wallet. To be in an Ownco, they just need their email to access their tokens.


How does it work legally?


OwnCo has developed legal bridges that allow legally registered companies to tokenize part of their shares or revenue share as RSUs or VSOPs.

In the end, what this means is that legal contracts always prevail above the code. We can currently serve organizations legally incorporated in Europe and the United States.


How much does OwnCo cost?


The SaaS product has a free tier (best for experimenting as a points system), a $500/month tier (best for using Ownco for sharing real assets), and an enterprise tier.

In addition, you can decide if you want to opt-in to a 4% membership fee for the assets that are distributed with OwnCo. (E.g. if you pay out $100k in revenue share to your community, another $4k would go to the OwnCo platform). In this case, you receive Ownco tokens proportional to the membership fee they pay, so that the users of Ownco become the owners of OwnCo.


How do I connect OwnCo to my business?


You can connect either through the Ownco app, or through our Restful API. You can connect your existing systems for tracking actions (e.g. CRMs, analytics platforms, referral systems) to Ownco in order to automatically distribute tokens based on actions of your community.

And you can connect your systems for paying out rewards to your community (e.g. via Stripe integration) too.


What is Ownco tech doing under the hood?


Ownco has 3 main points of use.

1) Ownco app - for the company to set up and manage their Ownco.

2) Ownco wallet - for community members of the company to accept involvement in the Ownco, see how much they have earned, and what they can do with their tokens.

3) Ownco API - to connect your existing systems to Ownco automatically.

Ownco works as a digital representation of your assets, but unlike other token systems, doesn’t start on-chain. This was selected for the reasons of security, familiar user experience (no crypto wallets needed), and no transaction costs. We are evaluating adding the capability in future to go on-chain (which will be optional), based on whether there is demand for this from our users.


What would be an easy way to try OwnCo?


You can see examples of how to start on the use case pages. For the curious, you can always book a meeting with our team for an introduction and demo.

If you are keen to start, but not sure exactly how, we offer an onboarding workshop so you have everything you need to start. This covers conceptual design, product onboarding, and legal run through, with our team which has helped more than 100 organizations with shared ownership.

Once you start using the product, the OwnCo app user experience is designed so you can experiment safely. There are built in safeguards to prevent errors during token design and distribution design. For example, OwnCo applies an authorization feature where the company can manually review the rewards before releasing them to users.